The flight controller that defines the future of drones

The first version of Fusion Engineering’s state-of-the-art flight controller—the Fusion Reflex IM—is the key to a new generation of drone flights. Designed with reliability and flexibility in mind, the Fusion Reflex IM is adaptable for any type of multirotor drone.

Aside from its light aluminium sleek design and powerful hardware, the real strength of the IM comes from the software. Written completely from the ground up in the Rust programming language and based on the latest research, Fusion Engineering’s flight control meets the needs of the commercial drone applications of the future.

Become an early adopter

The Fusion Reflex is perfect for commercial drone companies that want to develop the next generation of drone solutions. Start prototyping immediately and build your most ambitious drone yet with our revolutionary state-of-the-art flight controller.

Benefit today from more reliable and user-friendly software and start expanding into more advanced drones for untapped business cases. Enter new markets and deploy for applications you didn’t consider possible with better control and unprecedented safety and reliability.

The Reflex IM is compliant with EU and US regulation and has higher standards than currently required for granted Part 107 waivers. Additionally, our flight controller is designed to meet the EU requirements of SAIL 5 & 6, the highest risk mission classes for drones. This will make it possible to fly in places where it is not yet allowed right now.

Future features of the Reflex include nonlinear control based on INDI, fault detection and fault-tolerant control, advanced state estimation, an improved user interface, and much more. Our team will continue working on software updates, which will be free of charge for our development partners.

Join us now and get your hands on ground-breaking tech built from the ground up for the commercial drone market and designed for the future. When you become our development partner we will make sure our system integrates with your systems first. Furthermore, you will be able to give feedback directly to the team and we offer our development partners full integration support; our engineers will help you with the integration process.


A glimpse into the future

As a development partner, you will be the first to receive our updates and new features free of charge. Here’s some of what you can expect.

  • Done

    Trajectory control, collecting your feedback on the basics, UI and configuration improvements

  • Done

    Triple GPS for heading support, implementation of our unique INDI based flight control


  • 5 – 6 months

    Fault detection and fault tolerant control