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Discover the next step in flight control technology

  • Revolutionary tech, ahead of its time

  • Built from the ground up for the commercial drone market

  • Newest algorithms; facilitating the next genaration of drone applications


At Fusion Engineering we are working to create the most reliable, flexible and easy-to-use flight controller for any type of multirotor drone. We have started from the ground up, developing our own flexible and reliable software platform. On top of this platform, we built innovative flight control algorithms to ensure more accurate positioning, disturbance rejection, and fault tolerance.


The Fusion Reflex IM is perfect for drone manufacturers that work on drone applications for the future. We work hard every day to deliver you the finest state-of-the-art flight controller that will fit your design the best. User friendliness, safety and compliance are our top priority.

Join us now and get your hands on ground-breaking tech built from the ground up for the commercial drone market and designed for the future. When you become our development partner we will make sure our system integrates with your systems first.


Fusion Engineering was founded in 2017 in Delft and has grown considerably ever since. Together, our team has backgrounds in software, electronics, control, aerospace, mechanical engineering and more. Our speciality is combining the best of different fields into a consistent and optimal solution. Hence our name, Fusion Engineering.