About us

Fusion Engineering was founded in 2017 by TU Delft alumni Robert Crone (Aerospace Engineering) and Mara Bos (Computer Science). The company has grown considerably ever since. We embrace the talents of our brilliant team who hail from a diverse range of experience and backgrounds. Because of this, our speciality is combining the best of different fields into a consistent and optimal solution. Hence our name, Fusion Engineering.

One of the keys to successfully innovating while combining the latest and greatest from different fields lies in our culture of learning and teaching. Because each and every one of us is always eager to learn, teach, and evolve—both inside and outside their field of expertise—this makes our teamwork so effective. Our passion, diversity, and energy drive our future, turning our ideas into reality.

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Our mission and vision

At Fusion Engineering we are working to create the most reliable, flexible and easy-to-use flight controller for any type of multirotor drone. Our vision is to make drone flight so safe and reliable that it can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

While drone hardware has come a long way over the past decades, we realized that software development has been lagging behind. Therefore, we set out on an ambitious project: developing drone control systems from scratch, while focusing on safety and reliability from the start.

With our flight controller, drone flights will become much safer and more reliable, meaning they can be certified to fly above urban areas and be able to withstand adverse environmental conditions offshore. By focusing on meeting the new EU regulation at the highest level, we allow all types of drone applications to scale.

Without a flight controller, a drone goes nowhere