Happy Holidays from the Fusion team! ūüéĄ

Dear reader,
To me, the end of the year is always a good time to reflect. On events, achievements, and everything else that happened during the year. And what a year it has been! Let me take you through the highlights, challenges and lessons this year has brought us.

Highlights 2021

Despite the ongoing challenges originating from the pandemic, we have achieved a great deal over the course of 2021. Most importantly, early 2021 saw the release of our first official prototype: the Reflex Introductory Model. The IM has been succesfully tested by our international test partners DroneTools, Dronistics and eAvia and as part of the AIRTuB program.

Furthermore, we saw great progress on the implementation of our INDI algorithms, securing even greater performance in flight. We joined (and recently graduated!) the Sustainable Aero Lab, talked to a great many drone manufacturers and investors and recently reached 550+ followers on our LinkedIn page. And last but certainly not least, while some of our team members have decided to pursue other interests, we have welcomed great new talents to the team in the fields of software engineering and marketing.

Challenges and lessons learned

This year saw the first time that other parties flew with our flight controller and I won’t lie, sometimes that was scary. A drone remains a physical object that flies at tremendous speeds and that can be incredibly dangerous. Having others rely on your software (however thoroughly tested) outside of your direct control was new for us. Nevertheless, I feel that this has taught us to trust in our own capabilities. We learned to trust in the truly unique product we have built, while remaining vigilant for things that can be improved. And of course, seeing others fly with our flight controller is very exciting as well, as years of hard work have come together in that moment!

Next year

And as always, we have very exciting plans for the coming year…

  • Develop new hardware¬†and launch the next version of the Fusion Reflex. Having learned a great deal from our pilot projects, we are ready to implement our improved¬†designs for a lasting version.
  • Launch new integration projects¬†with drone manufacturers. Now that our Reflex has been tested and the most critical issues have been ironed out, our flight controller is more ready then ever to be used by manufacturers in the commercial drone industry.
  • Apply for drone certification¬†up to the highest level possible at that time. The European SAIL certification is starting to take shape and we are confident that drones with our flight controller will be able to meet its highest standards.

To conclude

Finally, year’s end is a time to show appreciation and in that spirit: thank you. Thank you for your time reading this, thank you for your continued involvement with our company and thank you for following our journey. 2021 has been a wild ride, yet I remain confident that 2022 will be another amazing year for us.

On behalf of my co-founder Mara and the rest of the Fusion team,
I wish you Happy Holidays. See you next year.


Robert Crone