Taking the next steps

Unmanned Valley

From this month we do not only have our office at the Aerospace Innovation Hub at TU Delft, but you can now also find us with a second office in Unmanned Valley.

Unmanned Valley is the only location in the Netherlands where it is possible to experiment continuously and flexibly with drones and other sensor-based applications.

For us, this is the perfect place to further test our flight controller and we believe having another office here is definitely of added value for us. We look forward to officially move in and to meet our new neighbours!

If you would like a refresher on what the AIRTuB project was all about, click on the button below.

Demo day at NLR

Last week we had the opportunity to do a demo with our Fusion Reflex flight controller at the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre. The demo was related to the AIRTuB project in which we are participating. We were able to show INDI, postion control, trajectory control and our safety features like battery fail safe mode. For us, this was a great opportunity to show how far we have come with our technical innovations.

New colleague

Our new colleague Aelis has joined our team this month after her internship period. She has already made many improvements to the user interface of the Fusion Reflex, and will now continue as part of the technical team as full time software engineer. Her first project will be creating a new tool that helps us monitor and troubleshoot any problems with our flight controllers. Welcome Aelis!

Reflex testing platform

Our intern, Lotte, has been working on building a testing platform for the Fusion Reflex for the past four months. In this article she describes what it was like building this platform and we talk about how she experienced her internship period.