Welcome to a step change in flight control technology

We are Fusion Engineering, a start-up based in Delft with a young and diverse team. We focus on developing new flight control technology to make drones more reliable and controllable. This will be available on our first flight controller: Fusion Reflex.

At Fusion Engineering we are close to the release of our final prototype. A flight controller for multi-rotor drones designed with state-of-the-art flight control software, aimed at preventing drone crashes. This will allow drones to safely become a part of our daily lives. Alongside this prototype, we are also launching a new website and newsletter. This way you will be updated about our developments.

Good health

The past months have been an impact on everyone’s lives. We hope that you and those close to you are in good health. Fortunately, the impact on our team has been minimal. Working remotely took some adapting but turned out as productive for us. Now that everything is slowly turning back to normal, we occasionally have meetings at the office again.

Testing the prototype

Currently we are testing the final prototype. Exciting times, as this is the last step before we can start pilot projects. This prototype includes the INDI and fault-tolerant control algorithms, as well as our system software designed specifically for drone control. So far we have seen promising results.

Global interest

We introduce our product through five pilot projects. With demonstrations planned for the coming months, many manufacturers globally have expressed their interest to discover the potential for a cooperation.

Do you want to learn more about what we can provide for your drones or drone projects?