It’s finally here:

Fusion Reflex IM

Today is a huge milestone for Fusion Engineering. We are proud to announce the release of our first flight controller: Fusion Reflex Introductory Model (or in short, Fusion Reflex IM.)

The next step in a new generation of drone flights

We designed the Reflex with reliability and flexibility in mind, and made it adaptable to most multirotor drone configurations. The Reflex IM shines within its software. Coded completely from the ground up in the Rust language, the Reflex uses an isolated modular software architecture, which means software errors cannot cause a chain reaction and take down critical processes.

The team will continue working on software updates, which will be free of charge. Future features include non-linear control based on INDI, fault detection and fault-tolerant control, advanced state estimation, an improved user interface, and much more. Early users will also be able to give feedback directly to the team, and indicate which new features are most interesting for them.

I want one!

Great! To order or get more technical information on the Reflex IM, you can fill out this form on our website.