The Fusion Reflex Introductory Model

We got a lot of great responses to our first product release, which we are very thankful for. With our Fusion Reflex IM being released, the first IM’s are currently being shipped to our development partners. Integration will start soon; exciting times!

Interested in becoming our development partner?

We are currently still looking for a few development partners! As an early tester you will be able to give feedback directly to our team and indicate which new features are most interesting for you.

You can influence our development timeline and we will prioritise compatibility with your sensors and ESCs. Other benefits include full integration support and the opportunity to be the first to test every new feature we release.

These drone manufacturers already partnered with us. Are you next?

Flight controller test

Of course we constantly continue to test, innovate and update our flight controller. Last month it was the perfect weather to test the Reflex IM outdoors. Watch our video of this test below.

We were featured in Dronewatch

Our friends at Dronewatch, the leading Dutch drone news website, posted an article about our product release. To get a refresher about how our flight controller was created and what functionalities it has, read the article about our Reflex IM!