A period full of successes

We are excited to share the latest updates within the company in this newsletter. In the last months we have graduated from our mentoring program and have expanded our team again. And above all, we have been working on our proof of concept projects of which we can now finally share results!

Robert Crone: “The most valuable part of participating in the program has been the network. Through our mentors we have been introduced to relevant parties related to regulation, standardization, and have found new commercial opportunities.”

Sustainable Aero Lab

We are among the first cohort to graduate from the Sustainable Aero Lab mentoring program. During the program we further developed our four ongoing projects: Three international commercial PoCs with DronetoolseAvia and Dronistics and the AIRTuB project from World Class Maintenance.

Wind tunnel tests

Last months the Fusion Reflex has been thoroughly tested by our test partner Dronistics. Wind performance validation tests were conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland. In the tests, the Fusion Engineering Reflex INDI controller and a PID controller are used.

The flight control systems are tested on their stability in wind and their gust disturbance rejection. In order to simulate different flying scenarios, tests were designed wherin wind speed is tested up to 12 m/s. From these tests our improved wind disturbance performance is compared to the performance of other flight control systems.

Hover test

This video footage shows a hover test with the INDI and PID controller. The drone is supposed to hover as stable as possible in one spot in front of the wind wall. The wall is turned on while hovering, and the drone tries to keep position. In this test, with the Fusion Reflex INDI flight control, the drone hovered with 7 times less distance off-course than with the PID controller. Watch the video to see it for yourself.

New Faces

We have expanded our team again with two amazing interns: Irina and Naishadha. They both study BSc Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft and started their internship at Fusion last month. Right now they are helping conduct drone flight tests and documenting issues they come across with the flight modes and pilot controls. Naishadha is also familiarizing herself with the Fusion 360 CAD program so that she can help design a new landing gear for one of our testing drones. Glad to have you on our team!