Tune, fly, test, repeat

A lot has happened over the last two months: we tuned and tested customers’ drones, did more flight tests at Unmanned Valley and were included as 1 of 40 promising startups for the future of sustainable aviation by Sustainable Aero Lab. Read all of our latest news below.

Unmanned Valley

Since we expanded into a second office at Unmanned Valley in July, we have conducted our first flight tests there these last months. On the right you can see a little sneak peek of us filming our test flight from the air.

We tested our smooth trajectory flight function, geofencing and INDI on altitude and position mode, which all worked, so the tests were a success.
Also, since we are now part of the ecosystem at Unmanned Valley, we have also gotten our own page on their website.

Have you already read our company profile? Check it out below to get to know more about us!

Future of Aviation

We are happy to have been included as one of 40 promising startups for the Future of Sustainable Aviation in a new study by Sustainable Aero Lab. Together with 9 other startup companies we are mapped as the ‘Digital Backbone’, which includes software-focused startups building the digital backbone of aviation’s future. Read the entire study about the next generation of startups addressing sustainable aviation on their website.


In August we implemented INDI on the Fusion Reflex for Dronistics. We tuned their drone which has now returned to Switzerland for more flight tests. The tests are going to be conducted in a wind tunnel in Lausanne where our improved wind disturbance performance will be validated. We are very much looking forward to see the results of these tests.

RustConf 2021

Did you know that all our software is written in the Rust Programming Language? Because Rust has reliability and performance as its main goals, this is the perfect programming language for our flight controller. Our colleague Mara Bos is not only our Founder and CTO, but also one of the Rust experts in our team. She is quite involved in the official Rust project, as one of the key contributors and team lead of the Library Team. Last week at RustConf 2021 she gave an interesting talk about the process of evolving the Rust standard library. Would you like to watch Mara’s talk? Check out the video below.