Words from Fusion Engineering

As our testing continues, we want to give you a peek behind the curtains. One of our control engineers, Abhishek Chatterjee, and CEO Robert Crone talk about the drone industry and our contribution to it. This month we also welcomed a new employee to the company.

Introducing ‘Articles’

We added a new section on our website that will have new monthly articles about our team, technical breakthroughs, and development solutions. First off: an interview with Abhishek about our collaboration project AIRTuB.

The ultimate aim is to make human intervention in dangerous environments unnecessary and instead have robots perform these tasks for us. – Abhishek Chatterjee


Alongside our own article, we invited Wiebe de Jager from Dutch drone website Dronewatch to our office a few weeks ago. He did an interview with Robert Crone about Fusion Engineering’s vision and mission for the coming years. The interview is in Dutch, and can be found on Dronewatch.

New employee

Our new colleague Jakub has recently moved to The Hague. He supports the technical team in control engineering and software programming. Welcome Jakub!

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